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The SAM Horse Sanctuary

SAM is a project to create a sanctuary for horses on the island of Menorca.

At the Sanctuary horses and indeed all equines will live in herds,  freely and naturally , for the rest of their lives.

We will care for any vulnerable animal in need of welfare, especially those who have been abandoned or mistreated in any way. This will include various levels of protection and healing depending on their needs.

In the same way, we will help people too: those who are vulnerable in some way, those who may have ‘special needs’ or have been abused or neglected. The project also has a large educational aspect to it’s ongoing welfare aims. We will educate young children, adolescents and adults across many disciplines with the overall focus being respect and empathy towards other animals and Nature in general.

In Project SAM, our hopes and dreams make it easy to work diligently and constantly ,  knowing that this  path leads to  a better world.

The Project

Our mission is to provide welfare to those in need , fulfilling specific objectives.

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Who we are

We are whoever would like to collaborate.

Would you like to join in making the world a better place?

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The Activities

Through specific activities  we  improve and sustain the world that surrounds us.

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The Win-Win Program based on mutual aid, in close contact with Nature and directly involving the animals.

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